Slackoff is a quick way to sign out of a company Slack workspace at the end of the day to improve one's work-life balance. It can also be used to sign out of "fun" Slack workspaces to avoid distractions during normal working hours.

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  • macOS (for AppleScript)
  • Slack for Mac
  • Python 3.10+


Install this tool globally with pipx (or pip):

$ pipx install slackoff

or add it to your Poetry project:

$ poetry add slackoff


After installation, automatically sign out of a Slack workspace:

$ slackoff My Company Workspace

or sign back in:

$ slackoff

Slackoff will remember the last workspace used and attempt to toggle appropriately.

Additional Options

To explicitly attempt to sign in or out, include the corresponding flag:

$ slackoff --signin
$ slackoff --signout

View the help for more options:

$ slackoff --help